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Conditions of GCK competitions

The following Competition Terms and Conditions are valid as additional Notes under the Rule 33-1 for all competitions held under the auspices of the CGF, i.e. that are listed in the the CGF Events Calendar.

  • Specification regarding the Ball (Note at Rule 5-1)
    • (a) List of suitable golf balls
    • The ball used by the player must be included in a valid “List of Conforming Golf Balls” issued by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. Penalty for breach of condition – disqualification.
  • Start Time (Note at Rule 6-3a)
    • If a player ready to play arrives within 5 minutes after his official start time and circumstances do not justify the waiver of the disqualification under Rule 33 7, the penalty for late arrival at the start is the loss of the first hole in hole play or two strokes on the first hole in stroke play. In the Stableford competition, two points are deducted from the total score.
    • A penalty for more than 5 minutes delay is disqualification.
    • The start list published on the CGF server is unofficial. Players often check out after the start list is published, play in incomplete groups is not pleasant. The starting list will therefore be edited into complete groups after a player logs off, so the start time of some players may be 10-20 minutes different from the original. The official start list will be posted at the venue one day before the start of the competition.
  • Game Pace (Note No. 2 at Rule 6-7)
    • The time will be measured for a group if it is unreasonably delayed with regard to the starting intervals of the following groups. If a player exceeds 60 seconds to play a chip, putt or "first shot in a group" (including teeing on par 3 holes) from the start of the measurement, or if he exceeds 50 seconds to tee on par 4 and 5 holes or if the second or third one in turn to play a stroke, he will be considered a delayed player. The Referee will determine and post a schedule or time limit on the official scoreboard. The delay is defined as the time loss compared to the previous group greater than one start interval. The delay of the player whose group has been measured is taken into account even if the group catches up and finishes within the time limit.
  • Penalty for Violation of Condition in the stroke game
    • 1x delayed – oral warning of the referee
    • 2x delayed – one penalty shot
    • 3x delayed – two penalty shots
    • 4x delayed – disqualification
    • Note (1) The player will not be notified that he is being measured.
    • (2) The Referee will start to measure the player from the moment it is his turn to play.
  • Interrupting the Play because of a Dangerous Situation (Note at Rule 6-8b)
    • If the play is interrupted by the Competition Committee due to a dangerous situation, players in a match or group between two holes shall not continue the play until the Competition Committee has ordered the play to resume. If players are currently playing a hole, they must immediately interrupt the play and must not resume the play until the Competition Committee has ordered the play to resume. If a player does not interrupt the play immediately, he must be disqualified unless circumstances justify the waiver of the penalty of disqualification under Rule 33 7.
    • The signal to interrupt the play due to a dangerous situation will be a long beep.
    • Immediate play interruption: One long beep.
    • Interruption of the play: Three consecutive beeps, repeatedly.
    • Resume play: Two consecutive beeps, repeatedly.
    • A player may interrupt the game at any time if he is concerned about the risk of lightning.
  • Transport
    • Players must walk on the designated round.
  • Penalty for breach of condition
    • Hole play – After the hole that has been found to be in breach of this condition has been completed, the match status is adjusted by subtracting one hole for each hole where the condition has been breached. The highest penalty in one round is the loss of two holes.
    • Stroke play – Two strokes for each hole where this condition has been violated. The highest penalty per round is 4 penalty shots. If there is a violation of the condition between two holes, the penalty will be applied to the next hole.
    • Stableford Competition – Two points are deducted from the total score for each hole that has been violated. The highest penalty per round is 4 points.
    • Hole play or stroke play – Any unauthorized mode of transport must be discontinued immediately after a breach of the condition has been ascertained. Otherwise, the player must be disqualified. (Exception: Transport can only be allowed by the Competition Committee.)
  • Indecent behavior
    • The Competition Committee is obliged not to admit or exclude from the competition a player whose conduct is not in accordance with decent behavior, who does not respect their instructions and decisions, acts unruly and unsportsmanlike against opponents, teammates, organizers, officials or audience (yells, curses, throws clubs, moves or damages course equipment, etc.) who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Mobile phones
    • Using a mobile phone while playing a round (ringing interference, telephoning, calling the referee to make a decision, etc.) is punishable by exclusion from the competition. The only exception is to call for help in case of health threat.
  • Competition results – Competition closed
    • The results of the competition are officially announced by posting the score list on the official scoreboard.
1-9 / A
10-18 / B
19-27 / C
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