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Local course rules

Game time limit: 4 hours and 40 minutes

Unless otherwise stated, the game is governed by the applicable Golf Rules.

  • 1. Course boundaries
    • The bounds of the course is defined by white pegs, white lines, fencing of the training meadow, electric fencers.
    • Electric fencer marking field boundary – if the player's ball is on the pitch within a maximum length of one club grip from the boundary electric fencer on the hole No. 7, the player may use the relief under Rule 16.1a – "When relief is possible" when as a reference point he uses a spot that is one club-length from the electric fencer and as far from the hole as the original ball position.
  • 2. Inner out
    • By the play on hole No. 1, there is between holes No. 1 and No. 18 an inner out marked with white green pegs placed along the left side. These pegs are taken as boundary objects when playing on hole No. 1. They are considered immovable obstructions when playing on hole 18, according to Rule 16.1b – “Ball relief in the field”.
    • When playing on hole No. 11, there is, between the red penalty area and the asphalt road, an inner out marked with white pegs placed on the right side.
  • 3. Immovable obstructions
    • Immovable obstructions are any artificially created objects including artificial road surfaces and shoulders: e. g. construction components of irrigation drainage system (sprinkler lids, fitting pits, power conduit, drainage pits, pond sleepers and sand traps, drainage ditches not marked as lengthwise water obstruction. Waste baskets, benches, information and advertising systems and their components, fences, components of electrical and telecommunication equipment. Ball cleaners, all paths with artificial surface and gravel one as well and adjacent stone and concrete ditches. Trees with supporting posts or protected by mesh. Wooden shed between hole 4 and 5. In these cases, the player may lift and lower the ball with impunity in accordance with the procedure prescribed by Rule 24/2b (immovable obstruction).
  • 4. Bunkers
    • The edge of the bunker, at the red penalty area, at hole No.14 is determined by the wooden edge of the water obstruction. This edge is not defined as unpunishable relief, so the player proceeds according to Rule 19 – “Unplayable Lie”.
    • The stones in the bunker are defined as free natural objects and the player proceeds according to the rule 15.1a – “Removing a free natural object”.
  • 5. Putting green
    • The putting green, which serves as the putting green for holes No. 9 and 18, is not divided into two separate putting greens. Therefore, a player cannot use the relief according to the Rule 13.1f – “Mandatory Relief of the Wrong Hole”.
  • 6. Abnormal Course Conditions and Integral Objects
    • Club house, club house terrace and waterworks on hole No. 14 are considered an integral part of the course. If the player's ball touches or interferes with the intended swing, then the player proceeds according to the rule 19 – "Unplayable Lie".
    • If the player's ball is lying on the below mentioned immovable obstructions, is touching them or if they are in the way of intended swing, according to the Rule 16.1b – “Field Ball Relief”, he may use the unpunishable relief. These obstructions are: wooden shelter between wells No.4 and No.5, sprinkler lids, fitting pits, drainage pits, waste bins, benches and hole markers.
    • A player is not entitled to relief if such an obstruction or condition interferes with the player only in the direction of play or if the direction of play is evidently unfounded.
  • 7. Drop zone
    • If the ball is in the red penalty area of the hole No. 14, including when it is known or practically certain that the ball that was not found has stopped in the given penalty area, the player has the following relief options:
      • Use the relief under Rule 17.1d – "Red Ball Relief Area“.
      • As an additional option, drop the original or other ball in the drop zone located in front of the red tee of this hole, marked with a "drop zone" sign. This drop zone is the relief area under the Rule 14.3 – "Dropping the ball in the relief area".
  • 8. Usage of the mobile phone (except for emergency situations) is prohibited on the course. The determination of the penalty falls within referee's authority.
  • 9. Motor carts
    • Unless otherwise stated, golf carts at a tournament with cannon start are intended to transfer players to the farthest holes prior to the start only.
  • 10. Penalties
    • All players on the course and their escorts are obliged to respect the marshal's instructions during the game. Failure to comply with his instructions may result in a penalty, disqualification or exclusion from the hole/course.
1-9 / A
10-18 / B
19-27 / C
Driving range