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Fitness studio

We offer access to the fitness studio, which has more than 10 specialized fitness machines from Grün Sport, a set of dumbbells, TRX and accessories. A set of exercises on fitness machines is designed especially for golfers who want to strengthen the back muscles, hands and abdomen.

There are mirrors installed on one side of the hall. The space is fully air-conditioned.

  • Entrance fee per person/unlimited time   300 CZK
  • The price includes 2 towels and 0.5 liters of still water

Information about systematic exercise for golfers

Recommended training for 30 minutes 4 days a week (Monday + Tuesday, Thursday + Friday for example).

Each training focus on one muscle group — back, legs, abdomen, hands. The biggest difference from classical strength training is that after each series of reps (12-20 reps), you need to stretch the strengthened muscle. This allows blood to flow into the muscle and promotes flexibility and stamina. The muscles will be slim and supple and not bulky.

Exercise of the Back

The back should be strengthened to prevent it from hunching. Strong back and shoulders provide correct posture and back flexibility when swinging. Almost every back muscle is involved during the swing. Therefore, it is necessary to warm up the muscle before an exercise (for example during cardio exercise), during exercise have a firmed up center of the body, do not bend your back and breathe properly. A very suitable exercise is on the back pull-up machine or a combined machine on the butterfly / delt deck (both machines on the tower D410). Another exercise strengthening the back muscles is pulling down the wide pulley (also on the D410 tower).

Exercise for hands

Strengthening the hand muscles will improve the speed of drives and increase golf tee height. Stronger hands will also help play on the tee and on the course. Strength in hands and flexibility will improve the game. The most effective exercise for the shoulders is with dumbbells and a positioning bench or on a wide pulley with the help of a triceps adapter. If you prefer a precisely guided motion path instead of a free-weight exercise, you can use a machine with counterweight combined with a positioning bench.

Exercise for legs

Strong legs create a stable posture by driving. The balance and strength in the thighs, calves and buttocks lead to a strong and smooth drive. At backswing, the feet are the base of the body. At downswing the legs with their strength serve as a support of the swing. In addition to the game technique, strong legs are also suitable for long walking with a bag on the back. Exercise your legs comfortably on a combined front kick / rear kick machine or on a mat with the help of dumbbells and lunges forward.

Exercise for abdomen

The firm center of the body will support the drive. Strong abdominal muscles complement the back muscles and cannot be missed during training. The basis is to do a lot of reps and then stretch them well. Rotation of the center of the body is possible due to the strengthened abdominal muscles. Strong abdominal muscles increase the rate of body rotation and add driving distance. The muscles will also give you the flexibility at rotation and improve the accuracy of the drive. Muscles can be exercised on the abdomen positioning bench. For greater load it is possible to grasp the loading disc and hold it on the abdomen

Finnish sauna

We offer the possibility of using a spacious Finnish sauna with a capacity of 8-10 persons, urthermore, women's and men's dressing rooms, showers and rest rooms with three loungers.

  • Person / 2 hours   500 CZK
  • The price of entry includes 2 pieces of towels and a sheet. If you are interested, it is necessary to book at least 2 hours in advance, to prepare the sauna for you. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Influence of sauna on human health
    • it increases the level of specific cells that are capable of absorbing pathogenic microbes as well as viruses and at the same time they are able to induce the production of protective antibodies (e.g. immunoglobulins) directly on the airway mucosa. These directly prevent infectious agents from entering the mucosa of the airways and bloodstream. Their level drops only on the 7th day after the sauna, which is also the reason for regular sauna once a week.
    • increases the body's resistance to infections, so it is an important element of hardening and also a tool of prevention and treatment of several respiratory illnesses, colds, rheumatism and skin
    • stimulates and tunes nervous and hormonal functions of the organism
    • supports the elimination of waste products of metabolism (eg lactic acid salts, oxygen radicals, urea and others) as well as substances stored in the skin (after the sauna in perspiration there increases the excretion of lead and other chemicals entering the body during work, e.g. in chemical plants),
    • it is an aid in the treatment of insomnia,
    • relieves pain and causes skeletal muscles relaxation,
    • releases spasm and contributes to recovery from severe physical exertion,
    • improves mobility of the spine and hip joints as well as circulation in joint capsules and later increases the elasticity of fibrous tissues and decreases the viscosity of the synovial fluid,
    • improvement of motoric activity, overall overheating of the organism improves conditions for immediate muscle performance,
    • it is useful in the treatment of some climacteric problems,
    • helps to improve the distribution of water in the body (e.g. reduce swelling in overweight people).
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