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Manual dry car washing

No-H20 is a unique technology for dry washing of vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles and other equipment.
The water-free system softens and encapsulates dirt particles, creating an emulsion that can be easily and safely wiped off with a microfibre cloth.


  • No-H2O thinks ecologically. We care about the environment, so we specialize in revolutionary WATER-FREE WASHING.
  • Not wasting water is a significantly important step nowadays. Our products are very easily biodegradable.
  • They do not contain any solvents nor acids and thus differ significantly from competing products. In short, we are trying to make our planet a little bit more beautiful place.

Price list

  • Car wash, exterior: 490 CZK
  • Car wash, interior: 790 CZK
  • Car wash, complete: 1190 CZK

While you play, we will take care of your car with care. We recommend booking in advance through the reception: +420 311 604 991, +420 311 604 999, +420602248424