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Operating Rules of the Course
    • Playing on the course is governed by golf rules approved by the RAGC v St. Andrews, Scotland, USGAand additional local guidelines.
    • Before beginning of the game, players are required to check in at the reception.
    • It is forbidden to enter the golf course with dogs or other animals.
    • It is forbidden to enter the golf course with baby carriages.
    • It is allowed to enter and play on the course only in suitable footwear and clothing (soft spikes).
  • Game pace
    • The time limit is 4 hours and 40 minutes.
    • If there is a repeated pace violation or unacceptable delay, the player may be penalized, expelled from the hole/course or be disqualified (Rule 6-7), without right to a refund of the playing fee.
  • Playground
    • The distances on the course are measured and marked with colored pegs:
    •  white - 200 m
    •  yellow - 150 m
    •  red - 100 m
    •  blue - 50 m
    • Stick out the impact imprints of the ball on the greens.
    • Return the turf after strokes.
    • Do not throw away cigarette butts.
    • Do not practice swings on tees.
    • After playing from the bunker, adjust the tracks with rakes.
    • Do not drive the trolleys onto the tees.
    • Strict prohibition of playing with training balls under penalty of exclusion from the game and prohibiting entry to the course.
  • Motor carts
    • Only players over 18 years of age are allowed to drive motor carts.
    • We ask players to follow signage giving direction, track and movement of motor carts on the specific holes.
    • Do not drive less than 20 meters away from each tee or green when there is no motorway path near the tee or green.
    • A maximum of two persons are allowed on a motor cart and only the equipment of these two persons can be carried. Do not drive with motor carts in tees
  • Tees
    • Men:   white - hcp 8,0 and below ,  yellow - hcp 8,1 and 54
    • Women:   blue - hcp 12,0 and lower ,  red - hcp 12,1 and 54 and children under 12 years
1-9 / A
10-18 / B
19-27 / C
Driving range